Our Past

The Titan Platform was designed by two chartered accountants who worked in fund administration in Bermuda for decades. We were frustrated with the lack of integration between all our software products and their inability to keep up with changes in the industry.

While looking for a replacement for the various systems we were using, it became apparent that none existed that had all the features we wanted. And definitely not at a price we felt justified.

After many hours put into meeting all the vendors at the time and researching their products, we discovered a big gap between what was needed and what was available. In a moment of frustration, one of us exclaimed, “This isn’t that difficult. We should just design a system ourselves.”

And that was the start of the Titan Platform.

Our Present

We offer a truly-integrated, cloud-based, portfolio accounting, general ledger, AML, compliance, transfer agency, partnership and portal system with GDPR functionality as well as the ability to create XML files for FATCA and CRS. When we demo, you’ll hear us say “flexible” and “yes” a lot.

You want management and incentive fees to have their own lines on your monthly investor reports?
No problem.

You want comparatives on this monthly report but not on that one?
No problem.

You want illiquid classes to be shown separately?
No problem.

You want the ability to change which reports are used?
No problem.

You want to add a new legal disclaimer to these reports on the fly?
No problem.

You want to attach a compliance template at the fund level?
No problem.

And at the shareholder transaction level?
No problem.

And you want different templates depending on the fund domicile?
We can’t do that.
Just joking – No problem.

Why are we different than our competitors this way? Because we’ve been there. In our fund administration days, we received many seemingly-simple requests from our clients:
Can you add new issues figures on the capital statements this month?
Can we add a legal disclaimer on the bottom of the report?
Can you add a percentage return figure?

But due to the restrictions from our software at the time, these requests resulted in us having to provide solutions manually. We were unable to accommodate so many requests efficiently because of the rigidity of our existing system. And we didn’t feel we could justify charging our clients for that time. So when we were designing the Platform, for every client request we ended up doing manually, we have a solution built into the Platform.

Our Future

We are here to stay. Our goal is to become the ultimate solution for all things back office in the finance industry. We’ve seen what growing too fast does for a company and we don’t want to do that. We want to provide a quality product at all times and we want to have the resource capacity to adapt quickly to all the changes that the industry throws at us. When cryptocurrency came out, we were up and programmed for it within months. When the various accounting/valuation changes came out as to how to account for cryptocurrency, our programmers tackled that in a matter of weeks. When GDPR rules were being discussed, we had that functionality in before the ink was dry on what the actual rules were. We are growing at a controlled rate because keeping ahead of the curve is more important to us than growing the bottom line as fast as we can.