We are here to help you succeed

The principals of AdvancedAIS ran a fund administration company. So we get it. Fund administrators are already under pressure to keep their fees low. They are also under pressure to take on added responsibility for reporting and regulatory purposes. But they still desire to provide a consistent level of high-quality client service in an already competitive marketplace.

We were there. And the only way we came up with to accomplish all of the above and still make money, was to ensure our technology helped us, instead of hindering us.

We spent years searching for our dream technology that was going to enable us to work more efficiently, reduce risk, and allow us to focus on growing our business instead of worrying about data lost during batch pulling between non-integrated systems or spending hours become mail merge experts in order to get our clients they reports they wanted.

But that technology didn’t exist at the time.

So that became our goal – to provide the finance world with technology that allows back offices to be more efficient, more profitable, and able to keep up with new industry demands.