What is your pricing model?

Our first pricing model was a per fund charge subject to a minimum, but after we had some client feedback that they charged their underlying clients based on AUA, we then created a model to match. Where we are now is a “choose your own fee basis” where, subject to a minimum, clients can choose to be charged on a per fund or on an AUA basis.

Why are you cheaper than your competitors? Do you have less functionality?

We have as much functionality as our competitors, if not more. We offer better prices because our overhead is minimal and we have one modern system to maintain, not several outdated ones that have been bandaged together. When we update our systems, it is very easy for us to do our QA testing because of our structure. An older system that is made of several other systems will not have this advantage.

What are the hidden “extras” in your pricing?

We remember receiving 16-page pricing quotes from software vendors when looking for a system when we worked in fund administration. If you used foreign currency, there was an extra charge. If you wanted to account for futures trades, there was an extra charge. If you wanted to account for investors in both series of shares and partnership funds, these were additional and separate charges. Our frustration with just trying to find out a price, led us to form a rule for our own pricing. It had to fit on one page. (And no cheating by putting it in 6 point font!)

Thankfully, our platform is a fully integrated one. (Did we say that before?) We haven’t licensed a futures module or a foreign exchange module on top of our base programming. (This is what would have caused those additional charges referenced above.) Everything has been built from the ground up. So our pricing fits on one page. The only additions a client will incur in addition to the yearly license fees, are one-time implementation fees which are on a case-by-case basis and depend on how much data is being brought from your old system onto Titan. As well, if you wish to take advantage of the contract we have arranged with a third party pricing vendor, we charge a nominal amount above what we are charged.

Where are you located?

We have a presence in Vancouver and the Cayman Islands, with all of our programming staff located in Vancouver

How can I find out more?

Business development is done by the principals of the organization and we are accountants and programmers, not salespeople. We are genuinely interested in speaking with you about your needs to determine whether we are a good fit. Because if we aren’t a good fit, speaking to you helps us figure out what our next steps need to be. So please contact us to find out more.